1st Workshop on Services, Clouds, and Alternative Design Strategies for Variant-Rich Software Systems (SCArVeS)

Deadline extension to Mai, 28 2011!!!!

Software systems are essential for any business operation today and, even more important, have been the drivers of innovation and business process improvement in several sectors. Government, healthcare and banking are just three examples of domains in which software systems have changed the status quo, for instance, by enabling mobile banking and retail shopping.
However, the variability level of average-size business software systems is high enough for making the design of this kind of system a complex task. By means of strategic reuse and variability management, Software Product Line (SPL) Engineering offers an answer to the need to develop variant-rich software systems efficiently, with predictable quality, and in increasingly shorter time-to-market.
In addition, the demand for dynamic and highly distributed systems has increased. In this context, design strategies such as services and the cloud offer new development approaches. After imposing an architectural paradigm at application level, service-orientation is now also imposing a delivery paradigm for advanced software platforms and infrastructures. Cloud computing platforms offer a similar shift in paradigm for the support of SPL.
A specific workshop on Services, Clouds, and Alternative Design Strategies for Variant Rich Software Systems at the International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) will offer the so desired occasion for the research and industry communities to present their solutions, report their experiences, discuss challenges and opportunities, and specially provide initial answers to the questions above.


• Karina Villela, Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern - Germany
• Sholom Cohen, SEI - Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh - USA
• Luciano Baresi, Politecnico di Milano, Milano - Italy

Call for Papers: