KOPLE 2011

Call for Contributions

Second International Workshop on Knowledge-Oriented Product Line Engineering (KOPLE 2011)

!!!! Deadline Extension to June 13 !!!!!


Software Product Line Engineering (PLE) exploits systematic reuse by identifying and methodically reusing software artifacts to develop different but related software systems. Developing Product Lines requires analysis skills to identify, model, and encode domain and product knowledge into artifacts that can be systematically reused across the development life-cycle. As such, knowledge plays a paramount role in the success of the various activities of PLE. The objective of KOPLE is to bring together SPL researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to investigate the role of knowledge engineering (KE) in PLE. KOPLE also aims to become a discussion forum about techniques and methods to convert from tacit to explicit Knowledge in PLE and to process and use this Knowledge for optimizing and innovating PLE processes. The key objectives of the workshop are: (1) Compile current practices in applying KE techniques in PLE, (2) Explore how the PLE industry can benefit from the KE community and vice versa, (3) Discuss challenges and barriers for knowledge management and modeling in PLE, (4) Investigate innovative techniques for modeling, developing, and implementing knowledge-oriented PLE, (5) Initiate a Working Group that focuses on knowledge issues related to PLE to further develop this area and its practice.

• Haitham S. Hamza (Primary Contact), Cairo University and Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC), Egypt, hshamza@acm.org
• Jabier Martínez, European Software Institute - Tecnalia, Spain, jabier.martinez@tecnalia.com
• Andreas Rummler, SAP-Research CEC Dresden, Germany, andreas.rummler@sap.com

Website: http://www.tecnalia.com/workshops/KOPLE2011
Call for Papers: http://www.tecnalia.com/images/stories/KOPLE2011_CFP(1).pdf

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