We will have the following panels:

Panel 1 : Standards for Variability Modelling
Panel 2: The End of the Line

Panel 1:
Standards for Variability Modelling

Confirmed Panelists:

Haugen Øystein, SINTEF
Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, MetaCase
Peter Manhart, Daimler AG

Danilo Beuche

With Product Line Engineering getting  in more and more widespread use, tool interoperability and data exchange throughout the development tool chain with respect to variability modeling gets more and more important. One traditional solution to these challenges is to define standards e.g. for data formats and processes. From our daily life we know how standards can simplify many tasks but also experienced the drawbacks like limitation in available choices, standards that do not really reflect the problem, etc. The first standards including or focusing on variability concepts are emerging right now.
This panel brings together panelists who have been or are currently involved in industry standardization efforts like CVL or AUTOSAR and panelists who possibly see standardization in a different light.
The panelists and the audience will be invited to discuss about the need for standards in this area, the topics potential standard should cover (or not cover) from different perspectives (users vs. tool vendors vs. researchers).

Join us in this important discussion!

The End of the Line

Confirmed Panelists:

Juha Savolainen (Nokia),
Jan Bosch (Chalmers University),
Frank van der Linden (Philips) ,
Dirk Muthig (Lufthansa Systems AG)

Moderator: Mike Mannion

Software product lines are designed and built to have a long history.
However as they evolve, decisions are made to downgrade, phase out and eventually terminate individual products, groups of products, and even, in extreme cases, entire product lines. The reasons for this vary and are often a combination of marketing, commercial, technical, legal, political
and sometimes emotional influences. Such decisions often have ramifications across several different parts of an organisation as well as the customer base. Foreseeing this eventuality, planning for it, executing it and communicating it, are just four entirely different aspects of the process of managing the end of a product line.

Drawing on their different industrial experiences and perspectives this panel will consider the management of the end of a product line.

Questions to be considered will include:
- What are the signals that either a product or a product line is coming to the end of its useful life?
- What are the options for managing the end of the product line ?
- What are the range of organisational implications to consider in making such a decision?
- What are the politics around the decision ?
- Can product lines be resurrected ?

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