We will have keynotes by
- Reinhold Achatz
- Manfred Broy
- Mike Hinchey

Here you can download the keynote slides

Reinhold Achatz is Corporate Vice President of Siemens AG. In this function, he has been head of the global Corporate Research and Technologies, since Oct. 2006. He is responsible for the global research activities of Siemens in the area of Electronics, Energy & Environment, Information & Automation, Materials & Hardware Design, Processes & Production, Industrial Communication Technologies, Software & Systems Engineering, SMART Innovation and Sustainable Solutions with over 1,800 employees, who are located in Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore and US.
In addition,Reinhold Achatz has been head of the Corporate Development Center, since April 2009. He is driving the integration of the product development process covering the whole product life cycle with the expertise of 3,200 software engineers worldwide, the majority of whom are from India, Central and Eastern Europe.
Prof. Achatz holds a degree in Electrical Engineering (Dipl. Ing.), from the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg (1979) and a Ph.D. in Information Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Dr. Ing.), from the Technical University of Munich (2009). In 2010, he was awarded advisory professorship from the Tsingua University in Beijing, China.
Manfred Broy is a full professor for computer science at the Technische Universität München.
His research interests are software and systems engineering comprising both theoretical and practical aspects. This includes system models, specification and refinement of system components, specification techniques, development methods and verification. Manfred Broy is leading a research group working in a number of industrial projects that try to apply mathematically based techniques and to combine practical approaches to software engineering with mathematical rigor. There the main topics are ad hoc networks, software architectures, componentware, software development processes and graphical description techniques. In his group the CASE tool AutoFocus was developed.
Throughout his academic career Manfred Broy has maintained strong contacts with industry, through consultancy, teaching and collaborative research projects and he has published more than 330 scientific publications. His main field is Software & Systems Engineering and his current research interests are: System Development Processes and Tool Support, System Modelling, Concurrent and Embedded Systems, Theoretical Foundation of Informatics, Quality, and Requirements Engineering.
Mike Hinchey is Director of Lero-the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre and Professor of Software Engineering at University of Limerick, Ireland. Prior to joining Lero, Dr. Hinchey was Director of the NASA Software Engineering Laboratory; he continues to serve as a NASA Expert. In 2009 he was awarded NASA's Kerley Award as Innovator of the Year.

Hinchey holds a B.Sc. in Computer Systems from University of Limerick, an M.Sc. in Computation from University of Oxford and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Cambridge. The author/editor of more than 15 books and over 200 articles on various aspects of Software Engineering, at various times Hinchey previously held positions as Full Professor in Australia, UK, Sweden and USA.

He is Chair of the IFIP Technical Assembly and Chair of IFIP Technical Committee 1 (Foundations of Computer Science), Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Complexity in Computing, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering: a NASA Journal (Springer) and AIAA Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information and Communication.